GentleBirth Workshops

Evidence-based childbirth education in Spartanburg, SC

The GentleBirth Workshops provide you with the tools and support to empower you in your pregnancy, birth and parenting.


Students are transformed with evidence-based KNOWLEDGE of all birth choices and best practices.


Students are PREPARED during the prenatal period with daily short training sessions to continue training and maintain a positive mindset.


Students receive SUPPORT throughout the complete perinatal period, from pregnancy to postpartum, through our national GentleBirth Group, which is focused on positive birth experiences.

The GentleBirth Workshop focuses on three core areas of childbirth education:

Mental Prep + Birth Prep + Technology

Mental Preparation:

• Understanding pain perception

Neuroscience: shifting from fear to confidence

• Mindsets

•Sports Psychology

• CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

• Mindfulness

• Hypnobirthing

Birth Preparation:

Physiology of the normal birth process

• Birth hormones during labor

Navigating the hospital system

• Advanced comfort measures

(see below)

• Signs of labor

• Acupressure

• Navigating birth options

• Routine care vs. Best Practices

• Evidence-based care

• Birth preferences

Learn ALL the comfort measures!

A hypnobirthing class that just gives you hypnosis as your only comfort measure? Not with GentleBirth! In our workshop, students will learn advanced comfort measures such as:

Mindfulness meditation, hypnosis, breathing techniques, birth and peanut ball movement, acupressure, hacking your own hormones, counterpressure, TENS unit, massage, and more!

GentleBirth App Technology:

Unlike most hypnobirthing classes that offer CD's for listening, GentleBirth has its very own hypnobirthing app, available for both droids and apple devices from the apps store and includes a free 7-day trial. The app is very convenient, as it allows you to incorporate the hypnobirthing daily practices with a device you already have on hand. Just find 10 minutes of uninterrupted time, pop your headphones in, listen and relax! The GentleBirth award-winning app provides:

• Curated playlists for sleep, anxiety, confident pregnancy, positive birth and the 4th trimester

• Guided hypnosis

• Guided meditations

• Mindfulness

• Breathing techniques

• Affirmations

• Access to the GentleBirth Book and Workshop Companion Workbook

Daily hypnobirthing practice is a key part of any hypnobirthing childbirth preparation. During the workshop, we will navigate the science and the why of hypnobirthing, as well as some practices.

Although subscription to the GentleBirth app is not required to attend the GentleBirth Workshop, it is strongly recommended as the daily practice is key to reach the program's full potential.

Workshop participants will receive their own hard copy of the GentleBirth book.

(1 per family)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do the GentleBirth workshops cost? GentleBirth workshops require an investment of $275.00 due at registration. Payment arrangements can be made if agreed to in advance.

  • Where are the in-person workshops held? At the moment, all in-person workshops are held at the Labors of Love Birth Center in Spartanburg, SC.

  • Do I need any supplies during the workshop? Each student should have a notebook and pen for note-taking. The workshop companion workbook is accessible via the GentleBirth Hypnobirthing App.

  • What type of clothes should I wear for the workshop? I recommend comfortable clothes and removable shoes with socks.

  • How many couples attend in-person workshops at a time? All workshops are currently limited to 1-2 couples. This allows each couple to have a couch of their own with plenty of space to spread out and be comfy. It also allows me more one-on-one instruction and get to know students better. Private classes are always available. Contact me for more information.

  • How many weeks does the GentleBirth workshops last? The GentleBirth workshop is a total of 10 hours of live instruction. The live instruction is broken down into two 5 hour days (plus 40 min. for lunch break). Please refer to the calendar page for more information.